Human Resources Masters Degree

Obtaining a human resources masters degree will provide you with a level of skill and knowledge worthy of high level management positions with an HR department. Individuals with a masters degree in HR are prepared to manage a team of HR professionals and assist at high levels of a company to align company initiatives with human strategies. If a company is undergo major changes, the HR management team acts as key players in managing employee reactions and ensuring that motivation and job satisfaction remain in tact.

With a human resources masters degree, you will be prepared to oversee a companies recruitment program, assist with final decisions with high level employee hiring decisions, and manage teams.

Master's HR Degrees

Master's Degrees

Online Schools:

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Walden University
Online Programs:   M.S. in Human Resource Management - Functional Human Resource Management , M.S. in Human Resource Management - Integrating Functional & Strategic Human Resource Management , M.S. in Human Resource Management - Organizational Strategy , more...

Ashford University
Online Programs:   MA/Organizational Management - Human Resources Management , MBA - Human Resources Management , MBA - No Specialization , more...

Grand Canyon University
Online Programs:   M.B.A.: Strategic Human Resource Management , M.B.A. , M.B.A.: Leadership , more...

Concordia University Nebraska
Online Programs:   MBA - Master of Business Administration - Human Resources Management , MBA - Master of Business Administration - Risk Management , MBA - Master of Business Administration - Business Intelligence , more...

Kaplan University
Online Programs:   MS in Management - Human Resources , MBA - Human Resources , Master of Business Administration , more...

Regent University
Online Programs:   Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership - HR Management , Master of Business Administration - Human Resources Management , Master of Business Administration - Economics , more...

Colorado Technical University Online
Online Programs:   Master of Business Administration - Human Resource Management , Master of Business Administration , Master of Science in Management , more...

Northcentral University
Online Programs:   MS Organizational Leadership - Human Resources Management , MBA - Building Creativity , MBA - Strategic Management , more...

American InterContinental University Online
Online Programs:   MBA - Management

Norwich University - Online
Online Programs:   Master of Business Administration Online

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Human Resource Management Masters Degree - MS Human Resources

What kind of Job Can I get with a Human Resource Management Masters?students earning a masters degree in human resources

A human resource management masters degree will make you a viable candidate for roles such as Vice President of HR or manager of a specific HR department in a large company. In smaller companies, you may head up the entire human resources operation in a variety of industries.

You may be asked by executive management to lead the workforce through major organizational changes or to act as a company representative with union members to establish agreements concerning employee compensation, health and safety rights, or working hours. You may be needed to mediate through grievances from employees involving highly sensitive matters. A human resources masters degree is designed to make you a confident and highly competent member of the management team, directing the efforts of the companies most important asset – it’s employees.

What types of courses will I take in an HR masters degree program?

Human resources masters degree programs tend to focus on issues that companies face as it relates to their employees from a higher, more theoretical perspective. Courses you may take include: Organizational Psychology and Human Management in Environments of Change, or Strategic Staffing. You will study the theory of psychology as it relates to employee retention among other organizational and industrial theories.

HR Masters Degree Types Available

  • Human Resources MBA
  • Human Resources Management Masters Degree(MHRM)
  • Organizational Psychology & Development MBA
  • Master of Management w/ concentration in human resources management
  • M.S. Human Resources Leadership
  • MS Human Capital Management
  • MS Industrial and Labor Relations
  • MS Legal Studies
  • Graduate Level Certificates in Human Resource Management
  • MA Organizational Management

* This is not an exhaustive list of masters degrees available; however, it is a sample of the most common masters level degrees for human resources.

Human Resources Management Masters Degree Online

Is an online HR masters degree less prestigious than on campus?

While there was a time when getting a degree online had a reputation for not being as thorough or prestigious, this is no longer the case. In fact, it is now becoming the preferred method of acquiring higher education for working professionals. Those who pursue a masters degree in human resources are often individuals who have been working in an HR role in some capacity and want to expand their opportunities in the profession. An online degree is the best way to continue to gain valuable experience on the job and simultaneously pursue higher education. Many companies now encourage their employees to pursue degrees online and have programs in place to subsidize their education costs. Be sure to find out if your company has such a program and be sure to take advantage of it.

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