Human Resources PhD - Doctorate Level HR Studies

At the Phd level in human resources, you will have the opportunity to pursue theoretical aspects of the field and obtain positions within prominent businesses and organizations at the highest levels. Those who pursue doctorate level education in human resources may also teach in colleges and universities and act as consultants. Some choose to focus on a particular area of knowledge such as structural and organizational change, employee motivation and psychology, business culture formation, conflict resolution, and more. Business executives and international organizations need individuals with a high calibur of knowledge in the field to help them with a variety of challenges and act as trusted advisors through large scale changes.

Those at the level of Phd are also at the forefront of development of the theoretical foundations of human resource management and can shape future instruction and assist with the evolution of the field of study. Some choose to remain purely academic, while others pursue high ranking positions for organizations.

The following are examples of Phd level degrees offered:

  • Doctor of Business Administration – HR Concentration (DBA)
  • Phd – Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration – HR Concentration
  • Phd – Human Resources Management
Master's HR Degrees

Doctorate Level Degrees

Online Schools:

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Walden University
Online Programs:   D.B.A. - Human Resource Management , D.B.A. in Social Impact Management , D.B.A. - Self-Designed , more...

Regent University
Online Programs:   Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership - Human Resource Development

Northcentral University
Online Programs:   Human Resources Management - PhD in Bus. Admin. , Human Resources Management - D.B.A. , General Business - D.B.A. , more...

Grand Canyon University
Online Programs:   Bridge (Doctor of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Data Analytics) , Bridge (Doctor of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing)

Colorado Technical University Online
Online Programs:   Doctor of Business Administration , Doctor of Management – General Concentration (Executive Format)

Kaplan University - EC
Online Programs:   Master of Science - DNP Executive Leader

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