Human Resources Salary

Salaries in human resources careers vary widely depending upon several factors including previous experience, geographic location, industry type, company size, position, and level of education. Larger companies tend to split up their human resources functions into various departments, while smaller firms may have one or two human resource managers or generalists who fulfill all HR tasks.

Human resources managers tend to earn the highest salaries among the HR careers. There are different levels of human resource management, which may be compensated vastly different. Compensation is higher for human resource managers who manager multiple departments compared to those who manage a single department such as recruiting or payroll. It should also be noted that because HR professionals working in smaller to mid size companies may require more comprehensive duties and knowledge, their salaries tend to be favorable.

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The following charts will provide you with salary data for various roles in human resources:

Human Resources Generalist Salary Annual Salary Range
Entry Level $32,000 - 46,000
Mid Career Level $48,000 - 90,000
Senior - Seasoned Level $90,000 - 120,000

Human Resources Recruiter Salary Annual Salary Range
National Median Range $35,000 - $63,110
Senior Level Recruiter Average $85,760

HR Management Salary Annual Salary Range
Entry Level $56,000
Mid Career Level $73,480
Senior - Seasoned Level $96,130 +

HR Training & Development Salary Annual Salary Range
National Median Range $38,550 - $67,450
Senior - Seasoned Level $85,160 +

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